Ask, Seek, and Knock

We must inquire of the Lord for this season what each of us is to do. The Lord may have specific instructions for you personally. If we ask Him, He is faithful to answer.

If you have not inquired of the Lord before, start by entering His gates with thanksgiving and coming into His courts with praise (Psalm 100:4). Remember that as we draw near to Him, He draws near to us (James 4:8).

When you pray, you can use some of the following or all of it. Be led by the Holy Spirit.

  • Express your desire to draw near to Him.

  • Ask Him to speak to you.

  • He gives grace to the humble. Admit your need for God’s help in all things.

  • Repent of any complacency, rebellion, idolatry, disobedience, or anything that has kept you from having a closer relationship with God.

  • Ask for the grace of a greater hungry for Him.

  • Ask for the fullness of the knowledge of Him and who you are in him.

  • Express in faith that you trust Him with your life and thank Him for His completed work.

  • Express your desire to receive all He has for you and to fulfill your purpose in His plan.

  • Ask for a mind and heart for the work.

  • Ask for the grace to complete His plan for you.

  • Ask for revelation concerning the changes needed.

  • Ask for the grace, wisdom, and understanding to make the necessary changes.

  • Ask for veils to be removed so that your mind can be renewed.

  • Ask for new eyes to see and new ears to hear.

  • Ask for the revealing of the hidden things.

  • Ask for the fruit of righteousness to be made evident in you.

When you hear from God, journal what the He speaks to you so that you remember what He said, and can obey His instructions.


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