Hidden Treasures Dream

In a dream, I saw myself in a large open field that looked like it had not been used in quite some time.

Nothing was growing in this field. It was just dirt and weeds... dry and dusty. I had a shovel and was digging holes in the ground about 3-4 feet wide. I had several hundred of these holes started. As I dug deeper into these holes, I was surprised to find the tops of people's heads, as if they were buried standing up. So, I carefully dug around the bodies freeing them from the earth. As I did this, they came alive and helped get themselves free. As they came out of their holes, many were holding an instrument of the arts (musical instruments, dancing shoes, painting supplies, pens and paper, flags, etc.), and others were holding their spiritual gifts.

After a while, many people were freed up, standing in a group talking, comparing their instruments and gifts, and sharing their stories. Some came to help me dig and free up others in this field. The rest gathered together in a group, and as the group of people grew, they became stronger and more excited. At one point, the group left the field heading North East to an adjoining field that had shade trees to sit under while they sought the heart of God for their new freedom. I and a few others continued to dig, and as people became free, they went and joined the group seeking God for direction or helped me dig.

I asked whoever was with me (not seen but sensed to be an angel) who these people were, and the response was: "These are the Hidden Treasures that have been hidden in the earth for this day. They are being set free to help with the great harvest and the coming of the Lord. They carry the instruments of creation and resurrection power."

I have known many, especially those with revelatory gifts in speaking, teaching, and worship, who were buried in the last season. Some were even buried for "standing up" for God's heart. I believe God is going to bring them forth, heal them, restore them, and put them back in service to the Kingdom.

Pray for these hidden treasures to be revealed! Call them forth in Jesus' name!!!


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