Kingdom Administration for the Year Pey Aleph (5781)

In my time with the Lord, I asked Him what we, as the Body of Christ, should be doing during these difficult times and the new Hebrew year of 5781. His one-word answer surprised me. He said, “ADMINISTRATE.” When he spoke that, a scripture came to mind.

“When the righteous rule, the people rejoice.” Proverbs 29:2

As a believer, you are an Administrator for the Kingdom of God. Sometimes we forget that we rule and reign with Christ and that we have God, the wisdom of the Heavenly Council, Holy Spirit, and angels to help us.

We are in a decade of Pey, the wide-open mouth (see “5780 and Beyond” article). Indeed, ALL mouths have opened, and not all of what is coming out of them is good (even in the Church). Be very careful about how you speak or write during this time. You want to be the solution rather than contribute to the problem.

There is chaos in the world due to all mouths being opened. But we have a job as Kingdom administrators to bring order through exercising authority over the chaos and governing the affairs of God on earth, as it is in Heaven.

This year we will see that as we open our mouths and speak into the atmosphere in agreement with Heaven, we will see breakthroughs.

The Hebrew word for the number one is the letter Aleph. It means strength, light, and a new dawn. As we administrate Heaven in our own lives and the world around us, we will have strength, light, and a new dawn.

I found it interesting that Aleph is a silent letter. As I pondered this, I thought about all the loud voices vying for position in the world right now. Everyone has an opinion or view, and there is a great deal of arguing. Aleph being silent means that we do not need to argue the word of God with anyone. Just declare in agreement with Him into the atmosphere.

God watches over His word to perform it (Jeremiah 1:12)

So, how do we operate in Kingdom Administration amidst the chaos? How do we turn things around? By speaking God’s truth to a situation, proclaiming blessings rather than curses, speaking the promises of God, and declaring His authority. When you speak God’s word into the atmosphere, you release God’s rule on the earth. And when the righteous rule the people rejoice!


  1. Check yourself to be sure you are not spewing ungodly things. You can’t speak for God if you are speaking in the wrong spirit. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you any wrong spirit and repent.

  2. Remember that God knows what is going on, so you don’t need to name names. We wrestle not with flesh and blood. Simply declare the right spirit for the situation.

  3. Know what spirit you are seeing or hearing, and what heavenly spirit you need to address it.

  4. Declare and call forth into the atmosphere the OPPOSITE spirit of what you see or hear that is out of Kingdom order. You don’t need a public platform to do this.

  5. These declarations can be applied to yourself as well. We all have weaknesses. Call forth the opposite for yourself.

  6. Don’t speak against others. What you sow, you will reap. What you speak against others can come back on you (Psalm 109:17)

  7. Don’t speak against yourself. It is a curse. When those thoughts come, replace them with the truth of who you are in Christ.


  • When you see/hear lies, call forth the spirit of truth.

  • When you see/hear division, call forth unity of the Spirit.

  • When you see/hear unrest, call forth peacemakers.

  • When you see/hear pride, call forth humility.

  • When you see/hear oppression and bondage, call forth freedom.

  • When you see/hear depravity, call forth spiritual prosperity.

  • When you see/hear insanity, call forth the mind of Christ.

  • When you see/hear destruction, call forth restoration.

  • When you see/hear sickness, call forth healing, and deliverance.

  • When you see/hear death, call forth life.

  • When you see/hear hopelessness, call forth faith.

Can you think of some other examples? Share in comments.

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