Prophetic Word: Repositioning

I am calling forth the next generation of leaders to bring my people into the Promise. They have been hidden away and taught by My Holy Spirit. I am now calling them forth for this day.

I am repositioning…walk through the doors that I open for you. It is in these places that you will see your destiny more clearly. They may not be places you thought I would take you, therefore, do not despise these openings…they are necessary for your destiny. These places serve different purposes for your advancement.

Some I am calling out of current places to new places. You may have felt the pull to change direction. Do not be afraid to step aside to see the burning bush. As you feel this pull, wait on me to close doors and to open doors, for you have not gone this way before, but I will make the way clearly known to you.

There will be new connections…divine connections. Do not turn away those I bring to you now. They are your balance. For how can the hand say to the foot “I have no need of you”? Embrace this truth!

Healing and release will come as you work TOGETHER toward MY PURPOSES.

Prepare yourself to cross over to what I have promised you. Be willing to go in directions no one has gone before. Guard yourselves against the spirit of the Pharisees who say you can’t do it that way. My ways are not your ways. Remain open to my leading and pray for increased faith for the impossible.


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