I believe that the world is a reflection of the Church. We are the light in the world, and if we are not being that light, then the world is in darkness. If we want to change what is happening in the world, then we need to be the example. But it must be done with wisdom, grace, mercy, and LOVE, or it has no effect. To be the light in this world, we need to humbly allow the Lord access to our hearts so that He can cause Jesus to shine through us more brightly.

We have all seen the word of God given in hatred and the effects it has had on people. The enemy has used these types to bring a reproach on the Church. Because of this, many shy away from the very truth that is designed to set them free.

People are hungry for truth. But in the absence of God’s truth, the human desire for truth leads many into deception. A thirsty person will drink tainted water, which appears to be good until one is given pure water. Then they realize there is something better.

Our influence in society is an essential and necessary part of God’s plan. You don’t have to be at the top of the ladder in your field to change things, although God may call you to that position. The lives we live are the greatest example and testament we can share. We are exhorted in God’s word to be in the world but not of the world. Our position is not important. When the light is turned on in a room, does it matter if that light transmits from the ceiling or a lamp on the floor? From either position, the light illuminates the room.

Most of us will be changing the world by example and through our prayers. Our fight is not with people but with the strategies and policies of the enemy that oppress the people (Ephesians 6:12).

We become equipped to battle the enemy in this world by knowing the ways of God, and having a renewed mind, the mind of Christ, rather than our own understanding. This happens as we allow Him to mature us. As we mature in Christ, we realize that the enemy operates through the avenues we make available to him. These avenues are the unresolved issues of our hearts such as resentments, unforgiveness, guilt, shame, coveted sins, false beliefs, superstitions, behaviors, etc. that we hold onto.

There are things that we need to be aware of so that we don’t fall prey to deceiving spirits. The enemy knows that his time is short and will do all he can to keep us from our ultimate destiny.

We need to be constantly aware of the enemy’s tactics and how to avoid them. The Bible has revealed the strategies, tactics, and methods the enemy uses. We would do well to study these, even as a military general studies the tactics of his adversary.

Reflect the Kingdom of Light and not the kingdom of darkness.


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