Reveal the Hidden Things

Over the years, I have been prompted by Holy Spirit many times to pray this simple prayer – "Lord, reveal the hidden things." I also knew that I was not the only one prompted to pray this prayer. Then I started to notice that many hidden things in our major corporations and government officials were being revealed and are continuing to be revealed. I also noticed that God was revealing the hidden motives in the hearts of the people around me (both good and bad).

But as I came to understand the significance of this simple prayer, I could see that praying for the hidden things to be revealed is much more than uncovering corruption and revealing heart motives. It is many things including:

· Asking for hidden evils to be revealed

· Asking for hidden heart motives to be revealed

· Asking for the mysteries of the universe to be revealed

· Asking for solutions and witty inventions to be revealed

· Asking for the light of truth to be revealed

· Asking for the roots of problems to be revealed

· Asking for God to reveal to mankind their need for Him

· Asking for the Hidden manna and things reserved for this time to be revealed

· Asking for the plans and strategies of God for this season to be revealed

· And much, much, more

I continue to pray this simple prayer and marvel at what God reveals. Try it yourself and see what happens. Lord, reveal the hidden things!


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