River of Fire Vision

I had a vision of a river of fire. I saw it in the distance, and it was becoming larger and faster and hotter as it got nearer. As I watched this river, I heard the Holy Spirit speak: "The River of fire. It is coming. Be prepared. It is the Love of God coming to purge all that is not of Him. It will put His people in difficult situations to get them to focus on Him and to seek Him for changes in themselves. He is calling His people to repent and surrender to the Fire of His Love. The fire will not harm them but will destroy all their enemies. It is a Firestorm".

I had an idea of what a firestorm might be but not an accurate description. The day after I received this vision, I received an email from a friend I hadn't heard from in a while, which had an article by a firefighter/pastor from New Zealand. This friend knew nothing of my vision. In this article, the writer was describing the different kinds of fire and their prophetic meanings. In the list of the types of fires was a description of a Firestorm.

"A firestorm starts with several small fires that come together, and the air gets very hot, sucking the surrounding air into the center of the fire, causing tempests with winds in excess of 150 MPH throwing sparks into the air and large trees 3 feet in diameter become blazing torches. This fire develops into a fire typhoon. Human efforts to resist or stop this fire are useless. The unity of many fires produces a Firestorm that will reach out and draw people in, and the radiant heat will cause other fires to break out spontaneously around it. The Fire of His Love produces radical faith as we surrender to it. "

As I sought the Lord concerning this vision, He made it clear that He wants His Church to be united, but many will not work together. The solution is the Fire of God's Love that will purge pride, competition, jealousy, mistrust, and any other thing from the Body of Christ, thereby releasing His people to do the work of the Kingdom and ultimately enter into their destiny to be One.

His people, those who surrender to His fire, will be the many small fires that come together, creating a firestorm that won't be stopped!

Watch for upcoming posts that contain additional dreams and visions. I believe that they are for this time and that I am allowed to release them in this blog as the Lord leads.


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