Sparks of Light Dream

I was in the same large open field that I was in for the "Hidden Treasures" dream. In that dream, those God had hidden away for a season were being brought forth for the Glory of God.

In this dream, I was transported to the heavens where I could see the United States, and I could see that the field we were digging in was in upstate NY. As I watched from this great distance away, I saw that we had hit what seemed to be water where we were digging, and it began to flow southward through NY and spread out in tributaries to the North, South, East, and West.

I wondered where the people were that had been freed up in the previous dream, and I was immediately taken to the ground level where I could see every color of the rainbow shooting into the sky. I don't know how to describe this except to say it looked like a spectacular rainbow fireworks show. The colors were coming from the people who had been set free as they began to use their instruments and gifts again for the Glory of God.

There was a wonderful aroma in the air, and beautiful sounds that I had never heard before, and the air tasted like honey. I wanted to lie down and soak in this, but instead, I was taken back out to the heavens to where I could see the bigger picture.

I could now see that the water that was flowing had become a river and I could see that this was a river of fire. In this river of fire, I could see all those colors from the people who were set free in the previous dream, and as the sound of this great raging river rose to where I was in the sky, it sounded like very loud thunder. It was so loud that it shook the heavens.

As I watched this river, I was reminded of the vision I had earlier of a river of fire. This current dream was confirmation of the previous river of fire vision and helped to explain the previous dream of the saints being freed up after being hidden away with Him.

I believe that these visions are a reminder that God will raise up his Church in this season of preparation. He has had people hidden away and being taught by the Holy Spirit for this time. These are those who are the forerunners who have already gone before the others and will be able to help them through. They have been in the desert, the wilderness, and the fire, and they understand it. The second dream shows that there is also a great emphasis on worship for this next season. He seeks those who will worship Him in Spirit and Truth.

God's people are being set free after a time of being buried in the wilderness of preparation. As they are coming together, they are forming rivers of fire that shoot out sparks of light, causing spontaneous combustion wherever they flow, creating a firestorm and fire typhoon with a Holy Spirit wind of its own ...unstoppable ....powerful ...irresistible!

Let it be so, Lord!


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