Thanksgiving & Back to the Garden

I watched a movie this week on YouTube, and it reminded me to give thanks for those in the old testament who made a way for those in the new testament who made a way for us today. I thank God for their sacrifices and their obedience to Him.

This movie reminded me that we are in the wilderness, outside the garden. But we (mankind) all have the garden in us, and we are navigating our way back home, back to the garden where there was need of nothing, where we walked with God, and we trusted him completely.

In the movie was a piece spoken by the character Miriam (as a child) to God.

The garden is in us all

So, let us build an altar and sing

Let us tell stories and admire the stars

Let us dream of those we love and those we have lost

We will rise by light and face the wilderness once more

We find that the river flows slowly for many years

And one day has left a canyon

The rock cannot withstand the mysterious deep and gives itself away

Until it is transformed into something beautiful and majestic

You are the river, and I the stone have been trying to withstand this flood

We die a thousand times in this wilderness

But you give us strength to overcome

Here you are my creator

Here you are my maker

You are not only merciful, you are mercy

You are not only loving, you are love

You are not only beautiful, you are beauty

Take us back to the place we started, near you

You paid our price, lead us to the garden

Let us trust you again

From the Movie “The Book of Genesis” by Craig Cunningham

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