Where Are We Going?

We are going to a wedding… our own wedding! Anyone who has been involved in planning a wedding knows how exciting it is and that it takes a lot of work, preparation, and decisions.

We are engaged and anxiously waiting and preparing for our husband to return for us. We embrace the fire of God’s love so that we will be ready when that day comes.

We will be seeing significant changes in the Body of Christ and the way we do church. The Bride is maturing. She is being cleansed with the fire of God’s love. The house is being prepared. The lamps are being filled.

Many will be set apart to learn humility and repentance. God will give specific anointings to help with the preparation of the Bride. We are learning to worship in Spirit and truth and how to enter and remain in God’s rest. We will see many restored to the Body of Christ. And God will be sure to bring us to where we belong.

The time is approaching when the Spirit and the Bride say “Come”! (Revelation 22:17)

What a glorious day it will be!


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